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New Material Night

This is an all comedy show in English.

Standup, improv, and trying out new stuff. The New Material Night is all about trying things out, seeing what it takes to make you laugh. Standups bring brand new material, and you determine if it's funny! Improvisors try out sketches made up on the spot. Standups will develop new material based on a topic suggested by the audience. And possibly more. It's like a labratory of comedy!

Double Tall Cafe is a hip and cool cafe venue, where everything is relaxed. The staff, the performers, the audience... it's all very chill.

The microphone is open to anyone who wants to try, so if you've ever thought about telling a joke or two on stage, please see our guidelines for performing and get involved! The stage is open for anyone to try their hand at comedy, but you need to be in touch beforehand to request a spot.

Check out these select posts from our blog about past past New Material Night shows !

We also have a podcast that we record after the show, where the comedians talk about the jokes they were trying to make work. Whether you're a hardcore comedy nerd or just someone wondering why a comedian would think a particular joke was funny, please give it a listen .

Download a printable map and show information (PDF Format , A4 size)

Location: Double Tall Cafe in Shibuya .

Time: From 8 PM to roughly 10 PM.

Admission: Free! (... sort of. You need to buy a drink or food or something.)


Note: In February, we're doing this show every Tuesday night, as shown on the schedule page . If this brings in enough audience, then every Tuesday will be the schedule going forward.

Otherwise, our regular schedule has been to be on the first and third Tuesday of every calendar month. The first Tuesday of January is usually off because of the holidays. Please always refer to our schedule page for exact dates and for any changes.

Check our schedule for dates!

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