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Private Bookings

Spring and Dave at ACCJ 2012 Spring Day and Dave Gutteridge performing a news comedy sketch for the ACCJ in 2012

Over the years the Tokyo Comedy Store has peformed for a variety of corporate and private clients with great success!

If you would like to book a comedian from the Tokyo Comedy Store to add some laughs to whatever you're doing, then please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page .

We hope this page provides you with the information you need, and if you don't find the answers you're looking for, then please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask !

Previous Bookings

We've performed for The UK Embassy , The Foreign Correspondents Club , Foreign Executive Women , Nokia Japan and many others.

Plus we've performed numerous private parties and provided services such as emceeing for countless events.


Fees for stand ups

Stand ups charge 20,000 yen per comedian, per performance, plus disbursements. A single performance is considered to be roughly a fifteen minute set as a starting point. Disbursements include travel fees, food, and lodging, if needed, such as a performance outside of Tokyo. We will wave the travel fee if is under a thousand yen and in the Tokyo 23 wards.

All the above factors are, of course, negotiable, and gigs are usually varied and unique, so please feel free to make offers. Note, however, that we generally only go down in price for one of three reasons. One is if the show is going to be recurring regularly, so that we can use it to get lots of stage time and exposure. Two is if there is some exceptional circumstance that motivates us to perform, such as performing alongside a touring comedian we respect and admire. Three is for charity.

Stand ups are available not only for performing stand up comedy, but also for hosting events as emcees, providing commentary, and other situations where a comedic perspective will enhance an event or show.

TCS at Traders Bar A Banner for the TCS performance at the Trader's Bar at the Tokyo American Club

Fees for improvisers

(Information coming soon)

Common Questions and Other Details

What services do you offer?

We are most eager for opportunites to perform either improv or stand up comedy. However, we also provide services as emcees for events, workshops for public speaking and performance, improv workshops on creativity and group dynamics. In short, if it's related to comedy, we generally have something to offer.

On top of straight up comedy performances, we can either help you learn some new skills in a fun way, or add comedy and fun to an otherwise potentially stuffy event of your own.

What kinds of acts do you have?

The Tokyo Comedy Store specializes mainly in improv comedy and stand up comedy, however, we also have many comedy related acts associated with us, such as jugglers, magicians, and other acts.

Do you perform for charities, and if so, do you wave your fees?

Yes! We are strong advocates of charitable work, and we would be more than happy to help out if our talents can make the world a better place in some way.

In the past we have done fund raisers for Second Harvest Japan and donated our own show revenues to relief work in Tohoku , among other charitable efforts.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page as you would for any other private booking, but be sure to let us know if your event is for a charitable cause.

Do you perform for Japanese speaking audiences?

Yes! We have foreign comedians who can perform in Japanese (which is usually an appealing novelty for a crowd), as well as native Japanese performers.

Can you do a bilingual show?

We have experience in performing for mixed crowds, so we can suggest various options on how to provide the right kind of comedy.

However, you should note that our experience is that shows that aspire to be truly simultaneously bilingual in Japanese and English just do not work. We are happy to perform in Japanese, or in English, but when you try and mix the two, you end up with a show where at any one time half the audience is lost and the other half feels awkward about laughing because of the ones that aren't.

Private Booking Inquiry Form

Use this form to let us know a little about the kind of event you would like to book a comedy act for.

Please note that this form does not check the validity of your email address, so double check to be sure you've entered it correctly!

Your email:

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Let us know what you'd like to do:

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